Lost or Found

Her soul in the storm
so tempest tossed
the bow so shattered
endlessly lost
She resigns herself
to tide and moon
adrift, afloat 
a spirit marooned
She surrenders all power
over body and mind
no worries or fears
of those left behind
Memories come flooding
of the sweet long ago
in the arms of her mother
swaying to and fro
Ahhh, her childhood
bikes, bows and toys
football and proms
heartache from boys
Marriage and children
big house and green lawn
a husband so loving
by and by it is gone
The stars seem to twinkle
the answers she seeks
her spirit once laudy
no longer speaks
She ponders the choices
and roads she has taken
they all seemed so right
but her world had been shaken
In her quest for excitement
and earth shattering bliss
had she forgotten the feeling
of her baby’s sweet kiss?
She had climbed up the mountain
but never looked down
to see the rocks falling
on those standing their ground
That peek and its people
were cheering her on
though she did not know them
she heeded their song
Consumed by the climb
and the lust and the love
of all these new things
she soared like a dove
So happy, she thought
I’m where I belong
young free and wild
mighty and strong
So she went on her way
running straight for the sun
no hardship. no battles
just laughter and fun
Adrift in the ocean
the storm now abated
she thought perhaps soon
her rescue awaited
Did she want to be rescued
and feel safe and warm
or had she embraced
the eye of the storm
The stars they had told her
it could not be done
to try to live two lives
instead of just one
She tossed up her options
one stable and sure
with a husband and children
and locks on the doors
The other was quite different
full of last minute plans
no boundaries, no rules
all rapture and grand
She knew if she lay there
her rescue was sure
for in the sunrise
was her life from before
She knew if she paddled
far and away
a storm would be waiting
and she’d get carried away
Rocked and tossed
another storm it could kill her
but in the unknown
she found that it thrilled her
So she just closed her eyes
and the skies they did pour
and she left it to fate
to decide storm or shore

14 thoughts on “Lost or Found

      1. Aww! My phone was acting up & wouldn’t let me like it, so I’ll try to go back in later tonight & give it a like too. Honestly, you’d think you’ve been writing poetry like that your whole life…. that’s NOT novice work.


    1. So glad you related to it! It was written for my friend’s daughter who suddently just up and left home, her kids and husband. She sees them regularaly but I hope she finds her way back. If it is meant to be, I’m sure she will ❤


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