The Song In Your Heart

I don’t know any longer what hurts me more
That you tell me now or never did before
You profess your love through an old cherished song
But time has marched on, many years come and gone

We go back in time to what is now memory
It lives in our hearts, this time of you and me
So what do I do now with these words never spoken
Said to me now, again, my heart broken

I don’t know now, it all seems so tragic
Am I here in the now or in the presence of magic
I loved you then with all of my heart
I begged you to tell me but it all fell apart

Was it pride that kept your lips braced and still
Or a hole so deep that no love could fill
Did I ask way too much or push you too hard
You only needed to show me one little card

I was a young girl as I look back in time
But I could have loved you, you could have been mine
You kept your love hidden in some far away place
Still I wonder could you say the words to my face

Maybe I live as a dream in your mind
In a place that you keep me that no one can find
Could you tell me you love me and mean every word
Or has my voice and my words made you feel self-assured

Have the ghosts of our past been rattled and shaken
This young girl’s heart still feels so forsaken
For that’s where we travel when you and I share
We go back to “then” because it’s safe for us there

So is all of this real or a dream we once shared
For we come from a place that can’t be compared
I know that I loved you, long ago, far away
But this song has words that are not yours to say

You still keep them hidden in that lonely, dark space
And the song that you chose you need to replace
You could say them to me if only you wanted
But you embrace all those demons that keep your soul haunted

So here I am left once again so unsure
Of your heart, of your feelings, I’m afraid of that door
So now you must speak to this girl you once knew
Your voice, your words, and know they are true

And now I will stop and go on with my day
Now it is you that must think what to say
You must say the words you held back for so long
Put pen down to paper and write your own song

It may be a song this girl never hears
Perhaps it was never meant for her ears
But still you must write it, get it out of your head
And finally put all those demons to bed.


12 thoughts on “The Song In Your Heart

    1. Thanks so much. I think I responded to thank you before but don’t know how to tell on here yet. If I haven’t thank you so very much!~~<3


  1. A long ago love.. Just beautiful.. You make it seem so Easy, as your words flow You are truly talented Pook..

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