A Mother’s Prayer

Mother Mary, hear this prayer
Of broken mothers everywhere
Cast down your eyes and grant thy touch
On those whose hearts have lost so much

See how your gown is tattered and torn
From grabs of hope by the lost and forlorn
And as you bend to touch a face
Your tears do bless them with your Grace

When Gabriel came to herald news
A son was coming that you would lose
What greater pain can a mother mourn
Than to see her child crowned in thorns

You crumple, collapse beside the cross
Your body crushed beneath the loss
You try to stand and fall once more
Somewhere the strength comes to endure

And even as you lift your face
You feel the blessing of His Grace
You wish this death could be your own
But accept the path that you’ve been shown

No mother should feel her child’s death
The fading warmth of their last breath
She feels her knees fall to the floor
A desperate prayer for just one more

Why can’t we hear the trumpet sound?
Or see the angels gather round?
Or Peter standing at Heaven’s gate
Where ponies, rainbows and puppies await?

Instead we are left on Earth to wonder
Which angel’s wings they are curled up under
Mother Mary, can you not let us see
Them basking in God’s majesty?

To ease the pain that you once knew
Unitl you saw your son anew
We pray for answers or for for a sign
That they are safe in the Divine

But alas it never seems to come
We must accept “Thy will be done”
So Mother Mary, bless each child
With love and light and mercy mild


10 thoughts on “A Mother’s Prayer

  1. Pookie, this is beautiful, But so sad..heartfelt indeed. I can feel your sadness & I am So hoping whatever is Happening can be solved Dear friend..💝

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    1. Thank you, Taf! I wrote this a long time ago. I can’t imagine the sadness one feels losing a child but hope that this prayer can help some that have. Love you and thanks for reading and commenting!! xoxoxoxox


    1. My sweet Donna, I am so glad you liked this. Believe me that you were in my very soul when writing it. I have a few friends that have lost their sweet babes and I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and strength it takes to carry on with the grace and love that you do!! I loved this prayer, it came to me from Heaven above, literally. I am thinking of you and your family this season and although I didn’t know Sean well, what I did know is that he loved his family! I know he will be there in spirit with you as he always is but especially during this Season. xoxoxoxox We HAVE to get together soon!!!


  2. A beautiful poem. I have two friends who lost their children a couple of years back . I am going to share this with them. Beth


    1. Elizabeth, I am so, so sorry for your friends. This is why I write, in hopes my words can, in some way, bring comfort to others. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and sharing. It means the world to me.


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