I wish for you the joy of wonder
Remove the veil, expose what’s under
You know you’ve always held the key
To the door that sets you free

I wish for you to feel the peace
Your inner child can release
To see the world through a child’s eyes
They are still yours, just not so wise

I wish for you find your way
To sugarplums and Santa’s sleigh
To Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
And the magic as the snowflakes fell

I wish for you to find that place
Where Divinity meets Holy Grace
To feel the hush inside your heart
To hear the words God will impart

I wish for you release from pain
For now just memories can remain
So remember well the times of bliss
The loving touch and tender kiss

I wish for you an Angel’s hand
To help you gain the strength to stand
And face the world that now seems dark
Please listen to your Angel hark

I wish for you a strong, clear voice
To sing what made you once rejoice
For God will hear your lullaby
The one that made sweet Mary cry

I wish for you the will to capture
Heaven’s beams of loving rapture
It’s time to leave the depths of sorrow
You may not have one more tomorrow

I wish for you to feel again
The tears of laughter from a friend
The softness of a summer rain
The coarseness of a horse’s mane

I wish for you to be assured
That all your prayers have been heard
It’s time to rise up off your knees
Look to the sun and feel the breeze

Go to that place you’ve tucked away
For it’s there she waits for you to play
Close your eyes, you are that child
That loved to run in flowers wild

I wish for you to embrace that girl
Run your fingers through each curl
She’s strong and enchanting just waiting to share
A wreath of wildflowers to entwine in your hair

I wish for you warmth in the sun
For you and she to live as one
You the wiser who knows life well
And she forever your Tinkerbell

little girl in fowers


7 thoughts on “MY WISH FOR YOU

    1. Thank you so much. Most of my family is gone now so I find joy through the eyes of my inner child when I have trouble seeing it with my own. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Donna! I hope you and yours have a magical and wonderful Christmas! I appreciate you taking time to read and comment, it means the world to me.


  1. This evokes such a strong yearning… I think you have really captured that youthful outlook that so many of us forget was once our own. Thank you.


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