There was no funeral or black car waiting
to take your body away from me
I wore no black dress or pearls and high heels
There is no grave for me to kneel at or to see

And I can’t see you or hear you talking
in that voice that always calmed me so
I cannot touch you or feel your body
laying near on nights when cold winds blow

You’re not in heaven but I’m in some kind of hell
My heart is bleeding and my body cannot tell
If it will stop…… and let me let you go

Your kiss is gone from my mouth forever
But the feel of you lingers within me
Sometimes I wish there had been that funeral
With a grave for me to weep at and to see

For I cannot bring you wild flowers or pictures of our time
No laying on your tombstone beneath the bowing pines
When will this stop….. and let me let you go

My life goes on now but you’re not beside me
I walk alone and one step at a time
Sometimes I hear you behind me whispering softly
My sweet Mary, you ‘re sometimes on my mind

We parted just so quickly, it was like a sudden death
And sometimes I’d give anything to feel your sweet, warm breath
But you are gone now….. please let me let you go


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