Christmas Light. Christmas Dark.

And another Christmas day is here
The world stands to rejoice
Friends and family begin to appear
Love sings in merry voice

As family gathers round the table
Heads bow in thankful Grace
And prayers are said for those unable
To be present at their usual place

Then plates are passed and glasses filled
The silver polished bright
Dessert is had with whipped cream chilled
And laughter fills the night

The perfect end to a perfect day
Children start to tire
They fight the slumber in want of play
Another log goes on the fire

Yet many have a different day
One spent in sad reflection
Of those not here or passed away
In the dark with no direction

They is no joy or Santa Clause
No family gathered round
Their heart just seems to stay on Pause
No solace can be found

Please do not judge or feel ‘sorry for’
Or try to force their cheer
They know for them you just want more
For them their path is clear

They need to take some time to heal
Alone or with a selected few
Who understand just how they feel
And what they don’t want to do

For Christmas and the voices singing
Are not always the choice
For them the song Christmas is bringing
Is from a silent loved one’s voice.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Light. Christmas Dark.

  1. You must have been reading the tea leaves Ms. Sassy ….
    Even though there is much to be thankful for, this has become a sad time of year for my dear wife Katie, for just the reasons you mention in your poem. And on top of that, with the losses we have had in our 4 legged family this year, it is particularly sad this 2015 Christmastime.
    Maybe she can re-heal again, once more, with her Healing Horses …
    Thank you for your thoughtful, empathizing words ❤


  2. Oh, Ed, that breaks my heart. She is such an empath and I know she feels so much more deeply than most people do. You two have suffered so many losses this year and I know Chief was her spirit guide here on Earth. Some say time heals all wounds but that isn’t so. Time is relative and love is not. We are only able to come to a place of acceptance and gratitude for having those we love in our lives as long as we did. Faith, wherever we choose to draw it from, assures us we will see them again, that they indeed will be waiting. It’s so hard to be patient but we come to know we must and that those that have left sooner than we would want us to carry on with a happy heart, the hardest task of all. Please remind her to draw on Chief’s energy and the energy from all her animal spirits, those still present and those now gone. They surround her always and will help heal her heart until it’s time for them all to meet once again. Also, please hug her from me and tell her how much I love her heart, her spirit and her healing energy. She is a healer and we all need to bask in her light and grace ❤


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