Sweet Sydney

sweet sydney, soft hearted
so gentle, so small
yet tis you that now gives strength to all

an innocent soul now
in this oh so turbulent realm
so meek and so silent yet front and center
you stand at the helm

we think it is us who take care of all like you,
a vulnerable and seemingly helpless child
yet it is your young spirit that guides;
so freshly departed from god’s arms
that his love still lingers
around you like fragrance on a flower wild

we are jaded, hardened, skeptical
we think we know everything, all that is best
but truly it is in your innocence that
true knowledge and wisdom does rest

if only we were not so arrogant
and could understand we know nothing,
that our hearts have much to learn
then perhaps we would realize that it
is to the young, the brave, our sails must turn

rest thee well, sweet child and embrace the winds,
the rays of sunshine and the earth’s bellowing storms
the sweet smell of grass and the golden drops of honey
and fragrance of the rose
for your time to regard us has only just begun
for your ship and its path you already chose


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