Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Oh how She does make my heart sing
on the darkest of days that only she can bring
Turning the brightest, bluest skies
into harshest rains to renew and baptize

This realm here, this Earth She rules
We are mere mortals in this world She fuels
Part magic, part whimsy like the flowering tree
attracting the fuzzy, pollen covered bee

Sunbeams and dew drops on fields of pine green
to warm and quench thirst to all those unseen;
From the elephant mighty with tusk and trunk
to the inchworm so tiny and the smell of the skunk

Horses that gallop the plains of gold grasses
being watched overhead by the migrating masses
The oaks as they dance in want of the rains
and tadpoles now born in the pools that remain

And canyons so vast with ancient formations
from water, wind, now permanent foundations
that supports all the life that She deems able
to live in a place so harsh and unstable

Some live in the sand, in the sea and the sky
Some crawl, some walk, some waddle, some fly
Mother Nature unchains Divinity
from the tethers of earth to infinity

The wonder of birth and the harshness of death
to the predator that takes their prey’s last breath
She is a miracle, a sight to behold
She watches our struggle from young until old

Her wrath knows no mercy, no second chances
She’ll kill in an instant with fire that dances
or perhaps She’ll decide to just let all things parch
It’s all up to her, these steps that we march

She can show us pure joy in the flowers grown wild
or the warm summer breezes so heavenly mild
The scent of mimosa and lavender sweet
or the sands of the beaches warming your feet

Make no mistake, She is not to be taunted
With a wave of her hand our world would be daunted
From miracle to maniacel this Mother can change
What makes sense to her to us seems so strange

She has connected us all but we still do not see
And doubt her, destroy her, then take bended knee
To plead for the sun or the rain or restraint
from what we have taken or the waters we taint

Make no mistake for the Angels they pray
that in her good Grace we humans will stay
She is wonder and joy and terror so dark
She is cool quenching life and fire’s deadly spark

For God knew his creation craved a woman to rule
And gave her all powers both benevolent and cruel
So bow your head down and bask in her glory
For She is revealing a miraculous story

She is my church, my pulpit and alter
She is there to lift me whenever I falter
And if ever I feel lost and alone
I need just go outside and kneel at Her throne

17 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. Oh, thanks so much!!! I keep envisioning driving to your place of love and healing! My heart is still broken after receiving the news I can no longer ride. I need the wisdom only your “children” can give me to heal and understand that riding is only a very small part of the special relationship we can have with horses. Hope everyone, including you two, are warm, fed and cozy!! xoxoxoxo


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