These eyes shall not cast you a woeful look of sorrow
For you are strong, unbridled and free
And I have many strengths for you to borrow
You are my sister, please take them from me

Sadness and tears they must have their place
Fear and doubt must be stifled and brief
Your soul must be grateful and enveloped in Grace
To receive the Lord’s sweet relief

The battle begins and we are all at the ready
To hold you in love’s brilliant light
Though your spirit is broken it will soon ease and steady
For you are cradled in the wings of the angels at night

You shall not falter, stand strong, stand tall
We all need to bask in your light
That shines like the sun down a long darkened hall
And makes everyone’s world so bright

Shine on, my sister, keep the light in your path
Just one step at a time
We are all walking with you, in front and in back
And united we can face any climb

You are cherished, you are blessed, surrounded in love
All healings are being called down
From God and the angels and friends from above
And in love all peace can be found


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