Life Changing Stories

I was recently able to take part in a wonderful an inspirational podcast run by Reid Peterson, founder of  Reid is an amazing man who tells his own incredible story on his site.  He reaches out to others, such as myself, who have come through the darkness and into the light and allows us to tell our story, our way, uninterrupted and unedited.  It is quite the experience.   Not was this very cathartic for me,  it was humbling and a true honor.

This is my story:

I strongly encourage you to go to his website or to his Facebook page and listen to his story as well as so many other wonderful, inspiring and courageous tales of spiritual recovery.  I find listening to what others have been through and endured truly connects us and we realize we are not the only one’s who have travelled or are travelling a long and difficult road.

When you are feeling alone in this vast Universe, remember we are all connected and that the Divine or God or whomever it is you know to be your Truth is already within you. We are never all alone even though it feels that way sometimes.  I promise you if you listen to what other people have been through and how each person got through it in their own very personal way, you will feel that connection again.

If ever you would like to reach out to me, you may leave a comment here on how I can get in touch with you or email me at  See?  We are already connected!!

Love and light to you……


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