A Glance at Chance

When first my glance cast on your face
My feet they wanted to give chase
My heart it came to life once more
My soul was shaken to its core

Alas, do not pursue him quick
My feet then weighted like a brick
For he may think me fancy free
And dismiss me as just fantasy

In silence my heart calls him true
If he answers not, a sad adieu
Dare my mind think to presume
Our love could make all mortals swoon

Say yes, sweet love and send regard
Refuse me not by harsh discard
Cast up your eyes toward starry skies
Where moonlight lingers to baptize

Two lovers joined by Heaven’s kiss
Rejoicing in this moment’s bliss
I beckon now, you answer not
Can this be some demon’s plot

Our eyes when met did seal our fate
Why now does this heart’s song abate
My feet no longer hold me fast
This soul once shaken now recast

The gaze that did entwine our hearts
Did catch a moonbeam to depart
The angels now they hold it dear
And reassure me they are near

I knew not that the stars could lie
That moonbeams cast could fate defy
Or that a lullaby sent soft and dear
Fall deaf on my love’s call so clear

I loved you once, we danced in time
A second graced through the Divine
Was it just a glance or a lifetime long
That our hearts did sing the same sweet song

It matters not how long the dance
Fair flowers bloomed to grab their chance
To bask and thrive in warming sun
Until their time to bloom was done

And like the beams the moon does send
Our time will come to bloom again
So now my love, I must away
Our eyes will meet another day

Perhaps this lifetime or one to come
And this, our dance, now just begun
Until the time we both can hear
That song that’s ours so loud and clear

One last look, one last glance
My heart now knows it’s up to chance
I turn and leave but am now aware
Your head has turned, I feel your stare

You wonder if you once knew me well
I wish this secret I could tell
You, my love, you are not wrong
‘Twas not your time to hear my song

I’ll hold it dear next to my heart
My tears they fall, I must depart
Know true, my love, we’ll have that dance
The when, the where…….tis in a glance.


3 thoughts on “A Glance at Chance

  1. I think we’ve all been there at least once. I believe we are so fortunate when souls find one another at precisely the right time for love to grow. Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be, one soul ready, the other not “aware” yet. xoxoxo Love to you both ❤


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