Just Doubt Me One More Time

You doubt me
You tout me
But yet you feel the need
to know all about me

What’s your story?
You’re so whorey
Wear your abuse like a badge of glory

The shit you talk it can’t be real
Too surreal
It just buys you street appeal

You’re a make believer
A pitiful deceiver
She’s not real
You just conceived her

You’re the little girl lost
So star-crossed
Your blood it drips
from the Holy Cross

But we should love you
Rise above you
Always careful not to shove you

It’s all bullshit
Your stories don’t fit
You just want attention
You spin it like a drill bit

Poor lost soul
Falling down the rabbit hole
Your soul was saved by rock n roll

You dress up nice and pretty
Collecting all that pity
You’re the only one
Who ever had it shitty

Draw them in with your mystique
Hoping for a sad critique
Your soul dressed up in shabby chic

You want them all
to cry a little
Die a little
While you sit and play your poor me fiddle

Girls like you full of excuses
Blame it all on the abuses
but we all know just what the truth is…………


My truth would kill you
Pain would fill you
The real fact is
my life thrills you

I watch your faces
Your heart races
You bask in all of my disgraces

You see I’m strong
I get along
but you have no place to belong

You’re the liar
Think you’re higher
Hiding behind your Bible’s fire

While I was out alone at night
You were tucked in so nice and tight
just so sure that you were right

You know it’s real
You saw my deal
Jealous of my heart of steel

It’s you who stumble
Cry and fumble
An hour in my shoes you would crumble

You’re small and weak
You’re the freak
It shows in every word you speak

You need to take a better look
In your shiny “Holy Book”
and come up with a better hook

Judge me on Monday
Have your fun day
Wash the filth off your soul
in the pew every Sunday

Fuck you and your Jesus thing
Bullshit verses that you sling
This soul was never saved by your King

I was saved by rock n roll
Running wild out of control
Scraping footprints off my soul

You’re pathetic
You’ll never get it
You steal from me to build your credit

No need to show you
I don’t owe you
You still beg for crumbs I won’t throw you

You say you know
I’m all a show
Yet when I turn around
you are there like my shadow

I’m not to blame
I have no shame
You’re the sorry bitch
whose got no game

Fall on your knees
Pay your weekly fees
to your pimp of a God
you can’t see but believe

Bow your head
Eat your daily bread
I’ll be the dancing girl
The one in red

What I went through
would have crushed you
I’m glad to know
it was me who hushed you

I still stand tall
I’ll never fall
Call me a liar again
I’ll put you through the fucking wall

You think I bought that street appeal?
Want to feel me prove it’s real?

You’re not blind
You’re just unkind
Always the one I left behind

You’re the hypocrite
You always quit
You run away
when I call you on your bullshit

I’d never trade my life for yours
What a bore
At least I leave them wanting more

Light comes from dark
You have no spark
It’s me who makes your angels hark

So keep on doubting
Keep on touting
I’ll be on the rooftops shouting

I’m the master
One step faster
Proud to be this fucking beautiful disaster


5 thoughts on “Just Doubt Me One More Time

  1. Awesome Sassy Lassie! I can hear the rapper coming out in you 🙂 I don’t know who the female equivalent is, of Eminem in his younger days, but she should be singing this ….


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