The True Heart

How sad the oceans empty
The forests void of trees
The fields no longer blossom
No birds in flight, no busy bees

How sad the true heart empty
The force no longer flows
The once full chambers filled with love
Now slowly they doth close

For woman, so much like the Earth
Her secrets hold all truths
Without a tender, caring touch
No waves roll in, no trees bear fruit

She picks her pain up off the ground
And stares up at the sun
And her and Nature’s healing
Has once again begun


8 thoughts on “The True Heart

    1. Awwww, Ed ❤ I wrote this a long time ago… I want to get all my "stuff" on my blog so that my children have it one day. Yeah, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly! So glad the weather is a bit warmer this week although I hear the following week we will have more cold. Let's hope they are wrong! Please give my best to Katie and he herd. Thanks for reading and the comment xoxoxo


      1. That’s a great idea Mary – having everything in one place! I suppose we’ll have the Healing Horses Facebook page 🙂
        yep, we’ve had some “fine” weather, but about to get a little soaked again unfortunately. We could do with an extended dry spell to be able to work on the pastures. It’ll come.
        I’ll pass on your message to Katie and the horses. I’m hoping I can spend a little time with them this weekend.
        ❤ back to you!

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  1. Oh, all of you and Katie’s hard work is chronicled daily on your FB page! It is so lovely, what you do as well as the page. It’s like a history book, seeing pics of the poor souls that arrive there so abused, horses and people and seeing the progress right before your eyes on your page!!


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