Battle Scars

Each tells a story

Some, long and winding

Others short and deep

They mimic life so purely


Battle scars

Evidence of fiercely fought engagements

Some won, some lost

All left their mark


There were times a shield guarded me

And times I was exposed and vulnerable

Sometimes I defended myself

Oft times, I leaned into the blade

To cushion the dagger’s edge

intended for my loves, my babies


I would never let vanity take my proof

Never would I erase the evidence

Nor would I want to hide my distress and heartbreaks

In this realm, this battlefield

I wear each one proudly

Each a badge of honor


This body is merely a sheath

A temporary armor

Scratched and marred

Perhaps a bit tarnished and weary

But small and mighty it remains


Once shed, what matter the scars

And the wrinkles long and deep?

They matter not

Until then, they are a map of my journey


A testament of my love to self and family

Warning all

I will continue to fight

Til the final breath in me

Til the warrior death of me


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