If you’re a writer, you know writing is our therapy, our message to the world that we are here and like it or not, we have something to say. However, as writers, sometimes our stories need help in becoming the best they can be, we tend to write so much from the heart our emotions can overwhelm the reader and become either too much or not enough to retain their interest and our story disappears into the mystic.

The editors are our fresh eyes, the shamans who can craft our words and emotions into an invitation the reader readily accepts, transporting them into a world they perhaps never would have known.

For me and my first story, this was Magnolia. Here is the love letter I wrote her straight from my heart to hers. She didn’t edit this one, she let this one speak for itself so be kind. She did, however, spend hours helping me tell the hardest and darkest story of my life.

Julie Nowell, founder of BLUNTmoms shares why she started this site and what it means to her personally and how it has shaped her life.

I will be eternally grateful to Magnolia for her help and to Julie for giving my story the safety and shelter BLUNTmoms provided.

Read why Julie Nowell started BLUNTmoms

Read my love letter to Magnolia

Read the story Magnolia so lovingly helped me tell.  


Links to all here:                  These Stories Are More Than Just Words




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