The Little Things – Guest bloggers

I don’t do much for Christmas anymore. My kids are grown, no grandkids as yet and I’m a firm believer Christmas is for the wee one’s. I did it with my kids and they have such fond memories of it all. It doesn’t matter what your religious affiliation is or whether you have one or not, what matters is the little things.

Sometimes the smallest gestures of kindness toward someone else in their time of need end up being the greatest gifts we ourselves receive.

This month, I am going to feature guest bloggers who have experienced great joy in giving just to give – expecting nothing in return. They did get something in return – a beautiful reflection of what they themselves gave.

Today I am sharing a truly moving story with you, one we can all relate to, from a wonderful friend and writer, Christine Carter who does it all from the heart – mothering, wifing, freinding, writing and so much more. Evident through all of her endeavors is her deep and abiding faith in God.

Her story will not only uplift you but will inspire you to pass it forward.

My anxiety hurled itself onto my pounding heart as I drove away from the house, leaving my baby in God’s hands. I said a quiet nervous prayer for protection while I was gone on this mundane and trivial excursion. What on earth was I doing?

Read Christine’s story here:

How To Help a Mom Out







5 thoughts on “The Little Things – Guest bloggers

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I know, right? I’m going to turn into a stalker now, ever-vigilant, listening, lurking, trying to find that person that needs help, dammit! LOL

      In all seriousness, yes, her story is so inspirational and I’ll definitely be sharing one each day. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. You know I love you mucho!!! xoxoxoxox


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