I am happy (deliriously) to share the news (shout it from the rooftops) that I (yes, lil’ ol’ me) have been published on the elephant journal (yes, I’m aware, they don’t capitalize the ‘e’ or the ‘j’)! elephant journal is a site I love (read it each day) and have had on my Bucket List (still full) for a while now (forever)!


Here’s the link (clickety-click) to my story: (squee)

‘If I Can’t “Fix” My Family, I Will Try To Understand Them’

 Please give it a read (c’mon, Bucket List stuff here) and show it some love (Comment on the article at the bottom of the story-scroll down past a bunch of stuff until you see Comment section – down, down, below my bio pic) and leave a lovely comment which I will respond to.

and then hit those two blue icons, one to share on your Facebook page and one for Twitter (several times over the next few days – BUCKET LIST people) and help me get my piece out there!
(I would buy each of you a car like Oprah to show you how grateful I am and how much I love you  but, yeah…not quite there yet!)


Thank you, thank you, thank you (twirling around in circles)!
Oh, and one more thing, THANK YOU!!!

If I Can’t “Fix” My Family, I Will Try To Understand Them

thank you


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