The Little Things – Guest bloggers – Day 8

This month, I am going to feature a new guest blogger each day. I’ll be sharing their personal stories of giving. Each has experienced great joy in giving just to give – expecting nothing in return. 

However, they did get something in return – a beautiful reflection of what they themselves gave. Come soak up some inspiration today with a story of giving by Lizzi Rogers.

Lizzi is all about movement, forward movement – movement toward enlightenment and acceptance. She’s about hope and kindness and love and committed to making this world a better place.

I’m thankful she is sharing her words with us today. It’s Christmastime and this is a perfect example of simple gestures of kindness bringing change to a troubled world.  It’s all about the giving, being kind, loving each other and how contagious it is; we must keep love marching ever forward…..

Lizzi blogs at Considerings

Read Lizzi’s story of giving here:






2 thoughts on “The Little Things – Guest bloggers – Day 8

    1. Thanks so much. I am absolutely thrilled to have her as a guest blogger today. She is the epitome of love and light and her message is always a positive one, one that needs to be shared as much and and as often as possible. So glad you’re here and welcome ❤


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