The Little Things – Guest bloggers – Day 10

This month, I am going to feature a new guest blogger each day. I’ll be sharing their personal stories of giving. Each has experienced great joy in giving just to give – expecting nothing in return. 

However, they did get something in return – a beautiful reflection of what they themselves gave. Come soak up some inspiration today with a story of giving.

Today I’m sharing something a little different. I came across it randomly and knew it had to be shared with everyone. 

It’s humorous in parts and so endearing in others. All of it is about giving and expecting nothing in return. Also, it’s a great testament to the saying: “Out of the mouths of babes”. I used to watch this show when I was younger and still love it today. Ron Howard as Opie paired with Andy Griffith as his dad, Sheriff Andy Taylor has always been a winning combination.

I hope you’ll take 8 minutes or so out of your day to be inspired to give and to listen to the sometimes wise-beyond-their-years children in your life.

Watch Opie’s story of giving here:

Opie’s Charity


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