“In retrospect, it’s obvious he chose me. He adopted the lone wolf persona, one he knew girls like me would find alluring. ‘Girls like me’ – the beautifully jaded, cynical Catholic outcasts who wore sexual naïvety as recklessly as our Midnite Blue mascara, foolishly Indulging the notion we controlled any and all affects our tight little bodies in our tight little skirts had over men.”

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2 thoughts on “MIDNITE BLUE

  1. I suppose, “Like” isn’t exactly the feeling – terrible story so well told. Raw Words is certainly the venue. Thank you for sharing this. It can’t be easy, but necessary.


  2. Thanks, Bob. You are such a supportive man. I see your comments of support and caring on many of the traumatic stories we write about as women. It’s very comforting knowing there are good men out there. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


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