Why I’m Not Reading What You Write

I haven’t written in a really long time. I could try to turn this topic into a fabulous post with a clever title to draw you in but the fact is, if you’re a writer you already know all the reasons writers don’t write and if you’re not, it would bore you to tears.

I was catching up on allthingblog in my WordPress Reader and saw many familiar blog faces and read quite a few posts. Some I just scrolled by which got me to thinking…. why do I read one blog more than another and why does one story call to me and not another? Expanding that thought, why do some people read my posts and others scroll on by?

Writers are their own worst critics. We question every thought, scrutinize every word and want so badly to present you with a brand new perspective on a stale, crusty subject; we want you to love our words. No comments, no likes no shares makes us question our broken egos even more. Why don’t you love me? Why do my words not speak to the very depths of your soul or make you split a gut laughing? Why? WHY? Please, we really need to know!

The fact of the matter is this: it just depends.

It depends on my mood, my appetite, whether I read your post or not.  Yes, that post, the one you slaved over for hours, the one you edited so many times to strike my fancy, the one you bled on the page for to captivate me – that one. Were it an hour ago or an hour from now, I may not have scrolled by – it may have been ‘the one’. You know, the one I took the time to comment on or share and even told my friends to read.

Like the changing tide, so are our moods and what calls to our heart one moment doesn’t even rate an Honorable Mention the next. If I’m melancholy, the tales of woe will be what captures my attention but then again, perhaps not. Maybe I need a good laugh to jolt me out of my pensivity and your post is just what the blog doctor ordered.

And so it goes with you and my posts and my blog. Writers insulate themselves with a very thick skin, we have to or we’ll die of a broken heart. Sounds dramatic, right? Sadly, it’s true. We in the writing community are all well stocked with support bandages and encouragement ladders to help one another back up when we’re sure we’ve landed flat on our blogasses once again.

I know, you thought we were a bunch of competitive bitches banding together in uproarious laughter when a fellow writer’s phrases fizzle quickly into oblivion but it isn’t so. We know how it feels. We also know how it feels when we’re sure as a writer we’ve failed, yet again, only to find our post has had a most enthusiastic reception. Even then we need reassurance that it is, in fact, true; other people actually liked our work!

So, applying all of this to my own fragile writer’s ego, I’m no longer going to take it personally if there are no likes or comments from my blog family or ‘real life’ people because perhaps I just wasn’t anyone’s cup of tea today. Maybe this day, coffee was the mood du jour. Maybe a week from now, you’ll be catching up on allthingsblog and be in just the mood for my Earl Gray essay and it will be the best you ever had.

Of course if you’re a writer, you know I’m a liar. No matter how thick my skin, no matter how I justify the lack of interest in a particular piece of work, it always stings a little when there’s no reaction whatsoever.

And, if you’re not a writer, know that we do cherish your thoughts, comments, and yes, even your criticism if it’s respectfully submitted. We can take it. We take the good and the bad because at least we know you were interested enough to leave that comment and/or hit that ‘like’ button and we’re positively orgasmic if you deemed it shareworthy.

Still, it just depends. From one moment to the next, writer, reader or both, our moods, needs and desires change in a heartbeat and what feeds our soul does too. So I, for one, will continue to offer my word buffet to you in hopes that something presented looks irresistible to you; my words are meaty enough to entice and my paragraphs enough to sate you.

And now I’m wondering if I’ll even post this.

It just depends.


10 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Reading What You Write

  1. If it helps, I only read this because it was yours. I read everything you write. You and about four others.

    And if you need practice having a thicker skin, well you just come visit me. My skin is thick enough for both of us. ❤


  2. Well, you did post it, and I did read it. So there, Ha. Its true that it all depends, that difference between hanging on every word and skimming by, and in between. And, then there are the times when the new material seems just overwhelming, no matter how good. Thanks for this one.


  3. Thanks, Bob. So true. Especially the ‘trending’ stuff. So many posts, so much lack of interest on my part – usually, but then again, it all depends on what’s trending! hahaha. Thanks for reading and commenting, I am smiling.


  4. Oh!! How do I love (and relate to) this? Well lemme count the ways! Actually that’d take too long so just know that Mary, you nailed this! It’s all the thoughts I have but never articulate. And I love the tone and ending too. Hugs from Israel… Steph


  5. I. Get. It.

    & Identified w/ this post abundantly.

    One of my fave. bloggers, Jon Morrow, said:

    “It’s not so much what you write, or the words you ultimately select, or the story you tell…
    It’s how you make people “FEEL.”

    I agree.

    And those are the blogs I continue to read.

    x love from MN.


    1. I have so many blogs I follow and I try to keep up with them all, but honestly, depending upon my mood at the moment I don’t always read the same ones at the same time (if that makes sense). I agree, making someone ‘feel’ is the most rewarding gift as a writer and what keeps me writing. Thanks so much for reading and leaving such a lovely commment!!


  6. I love that you wrote about writing! I agree, what i read depends so much on my mood and what you did was to grab my attention and actually affect my mood, which is really, really cool. Really nice job!


  7. Thanks, my friend. I feel badly when I can’t read everything my incredible blogger friends write. I try and keep up as I’m sure they do but I read and share what I can. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Love you!


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