And Perhaps

We careened and collided in a comet dust cloud
Frolic and fury, so quietly loud
In swirling dark smoke our spirits entwined
A celestial sphere of grace so sublime

We both breathe so easily, you in - me out
As a prayer offered up without any doubt
Sailing on moonbeams and tripping on stars
Or was it the whiskey and a dingy old bar?

Did I know you once-upon-a-lifetime ago?
It's a delectable tidbit this smooth ebb and flow
You're a mystery, a clue, a curious distraction
How do I trust in this cosmic attraction?

Being in love with love is a double-edged sword
Reality answers and we're instantly bored
The dance, the scent, the hunt is the thrill
Then the carcass abandoned for those who can't kill

So tell me you gods and writers of prose
How much we mere mortals should bravely expose?
How high can we soar, how far can we bend?
We must make the kill, taste the blood, make it end

And after we've shared our guts and our glory
Told each other every sad sordid story
What happens then to our comet dust ride?
And traversing the Universe side by side?

Perhaps where we've chosen to tumble in time
Is a place where we tread upon what is Divine
And perhaps shooting stars they never do fade
Our eyes just can't see the dreams that they've made

Perhaps it's just a moment's one magical chance
To make even Lucifer's eyes shine and dance
And perhaps we're not meant to know all the whys
And that's why the stars disappear from our eyes






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