My Drummer In The Band

You were just a drummer
In a classic hit rock band
And I was just a Catholic girl
Who’d gotten out hand

Your hair was long and sweaty
As your sticks banged out your pride
My hair was blonde and flowing
As I flung it side to side

It took some time for me to dance
Into your line of sight
But once I did I caught your eye
Forever and a night

I swayed my body to your beat
You kept my rhythmic time
Our eyes were locked our hearts in sync
My God you looked so fine

We’d never met until this song
I Want It Painted Black
I sang the words right back to you
And slowly arched my back

I raised my hands above my head
My hips they circled round
Your eyes they followed dizzily
A connection so profound

I saw you step down from the stage
Your shirt you’d shed from heat
You walked right up and grabbed my waist
And I melted at your feet

You drew me up from off the floor
My knees could barely stand
Your music pulsing through my blood
You clasped my open hand

We walked through darkness to a place
Away from the crowded bar
We couldn’t wait to be alone
After fucking from afar

You plunged your tongue into my mouth
I rose up on my toes
Just like a ballerina
While you fumbled with my clothes

I still don’t know just where we were
When you filled me with yourself
I shook and grabbed your golden mane
And took you for myself

You pulled my tousled hair away
From my eyes still shut in lust
Open your eyes and look at me
As you gave a harder thrust

I halfway focused onto your eyes
You’re mine; you understand?
There was no saying no to you
My drummer in the band

We kissed so hard my lips they bled
I was bathed in lover’s sweat
And though I didn’t know your name
It’s one I’d not forget

You raised me up into your arms
And swept me off my feet
And to this day and those between
Your drums still my heart’s beat


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