Your Little Fishy

Stilettos in a dancing mood and I know where you are
See you’re still holding up that self-confidence bar
No one’s gonna take it, so why not relax
If you start to fall you know honey, I got your back

Trying to be tough but I’m fading from the fight
You’re casting out that bait that you know I so like
Your smile took up residence in the best part of me
It’s all smoke and mirrors I’m condemned property

And just when I think I can shove you out the door
You cast your spell like a fishing line and pull me to the shore
I flip and flop staring at you, haven’t got a prayer
And you spare a little mercy and I’m sailing through the air

You Just throw me back in hell with the hook in my mouth
You know you’ll want me later when your faith’s running out
I feel your tug on my line each morning near dawn
All wrapped up in your macho and your hot-pink chiffon

I know I’m just a little fishy you throw your crumbs to
But you know I’m getting bigger, bigger than you
One day that line’s gonna pull you right into the sea
Without me it will drown you and your insatiable fantasies

I’ve been here treading water while you search for your soul
But it always brings you back to me and this same old fishing hole
Yeah maybe your hook has become embedded in me
But the other end’s attached to your brackish misery

Now get down on your knees and pretty please me
High tide is rollin’ in and I’ve got someplace to be
The night belongs to scavengers creeping on the shore
Your wounds are freshly open they’ll want candy from your store

Stilettos getting itchy for some heart-piercing fun
If you’re lucky maybe I’ll be nice and toss you a crumb
Your prison game was fun but I’ve signed a new lease
I’m packing up and moving on to Catch and Release


5 thoughts on “Your Little Fishy

      1. Those who have not done a few (or more than a few) romantic face plants have not lived enough to understand the Blues, let alone sing them well. What’s the saying? Love makes fools of us all, hence its beauty and its pain.


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