The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I ask that you read this piece written by a friend of mine brave enough to share her story. Be aware, be compassionate, be a friend. If you’ve never experienced a fist against your face or to your gut, I’m glad, I truly and sincerely am. However, it may make you wonder “Why don’t these people just get up and leave when this starts to happen?” It’s not an easy thing to do. It isn’t just physical abuse, it’s mental, emotional and spiritual abuse as well, a brain-washing in a way and abusers pick their prey carefully.

Here’s a brutal, raw and eye-opening story, an inside look at how this can happen. Don’t judge what you don’t know, just as you wouldn’t want people judging you. We don’t know each other’s stories until we are brave enough, as my friend is, to share them.

The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing


4 thoughts on “The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

  1. Thank you for sharing that all too common story. Many years ago I volunteered as a group facilitator in a Domestic Violence Diversion program. In one session we had a guest speaker, a woman who worked at the local women’s shelter. She asked the group what advice they would give a woman whose partner had hit her one time. Those men, most of whom hoped for reconciliation and reunification with their victims, were unanimous in saying, “Leave as soon as possible, never look back, and never go back.” That wasn’t easy for them, but it was what they knew was true.

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