Teaching Our Children How to Lose: Lessons In Grace

We still speak so fondly of Coach Bill today.

“And that’s what I’ll teach your boys. I have a reputation, I’m sure you’ve heard. It’s all true. I will work these boys hard every practice, that’s how you learn the game. And they’ll be great at it. But mostly they’ll learn the grace in winning and losing, and that both have their place in baseball, and in life.”


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6 thoughts on “Teaching Our Children How to Lose: Lessons In Grace

    1. To this day, I believe his impact will be felt by my son forever. I know I will never forget him. Our team was different, they worked hard, really hard, but they had the most fun playing. You could see the enjoyment in every swing of the bat and when we lost, those kids held their heads high, learned from it, boosted one another up and got ready for the next one. Such a basic but tremendous life lesson to be gifted at such a young age. Thanks, Bob!! 🙂

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  1. Very similar to the way I was coached in rugby from an early age. We were gentlemen playing a brutal game and it was an honor to represent our team in that way 🙂 It’s the way I try to do business now …


  2. And knowing you and your lovely wife I can say I am not surprised by this at all. ❤ It's truly how we should live our lives. I am having trouble coming around to putting to practice what I preach with regards to this election but grief is a process and I'm much further along than I was 'the day after'. So much love to you, Katie and all the spiritual souls there.


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