Could I Love You



Would those very pants you are wearing ever seem at home tossed across the bottom of my queen-sized bed? I see myself folding them, yet again, and hanging them up for you. I visualize the laundry basket with our clothes already intertwined within each other’s arms and legs and seemingly happy. Would we be seemingly happy intertwined?

Could I Love You


4 thoughts on “Could I Love You

  1. My comment is waiting to be approved there but there are so many ways I love this Mary and can relate! I not only do this in Starbucks but I do this in crowded freeway traffic. “I could so easily turn my steering wheel right smack into your life and oops so sorry! But here take my number so we can “settle” this nicely outside of insurance. Um, oh you have 58 nose-blown tissues on your passenger seat and you store used dental floss wrapped around your gear shift? Uh, Jake at State Farm is waiting for your call!”

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  2. Right? I do the same thing – all the time! I guess we all do in a way. I seem to do so much of it pondering things to write and due to the fact I’m single. At my age, the selection of men still in good shape, meaning they still care about their health, how they look and feel, is slim at best (pun intended) 🙂 Thank you my love, for reading and commenting. It means the world to me ❤


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