Fetch my beaded rosary from my wooden dresser drawer

I think the good Lord’s calling me home, an angel’s at my door

She really is quite lovely, and she stands in God’s sweet Grace

My heart feels she’s familiar but I can’t make out her face


No, sweet dear’, I’ve not gone batty, I assure you she’s right here

She’s asking if I’m ready now and says I should not fear

I thought Archangel Michael would lay me down to rest

But the Lord knows what He’s doin’, He always knows what’s best


She says her name is Adelaide and is sitting by my side

Her presence is my comfort; she says she’ll be my guide

The beads between my fingers give me comfort as I pray

Adelaide says to leave them here for you to use one day


I’m goin’ off to Heaven to see your grandma dear

I’m told she’s at the Pearly Gate and yet it seems she’s here

Dear Lord she is as beautiful as the day we shared our vows

Out yonder by that old red oak underneath her mighty boughs


Now dry your eyes, my baby girl, your Pappy’s got to go

Adelaide is beckoning and my heartbeat’s mighty slow

I’m off to greener pastures, my kin folk call me home

Ol’ Blue, my sweet ol’ hound dog, wants to fetch me that old bone


So hold me close, sweet darlin’, plant a kiss upon my brow

It’s time to lay these bones to rest as they take their final bow

Don’t cry for me, no don’t you dare, you live your life with joy

And grandma says to tell you, you’re going to have a boy


Remember that your Pappy’s girl and always do your best

Now come and lay beside me with your head upon my chest

Take these beads and pray on them as I take my final breath

And know that this is not the end, this thing that we call death


And me and old St. Peter will be there at Heaven’s Gate

But that, sweet girl, is a long time off, so til then we’ll have to wait

But should you need your Pappy’s ear, you know I’ll be right there

Just pick up those old rosary beads and bow your head in prayer


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