We Are Just Mere Women

Get your biscuits in the oven
And your buns in the bed
Forget about that birth control
It’s what the good book says
Now quit that silly job of yours
And buy some lingerie
Get that meatloaf in the oven
Your man is on the way
Make sure your house is tidy
He bought it after all
You’re just a mere woman
Be at his beck and call
No need for education
Unless your kids are boys
Your girls can simply stay at home
And practice grace and poise
For men alone are born to lead
And keep us in our place
We’d be lost without them
Lost without a trace
Remember not to argue
Or ask him where he’s been
Be mindful he could leave you
For someone young and thin
Fix your hair, put on a dress
Some lipstick never hurts
Be a porn star in the sack
But front row in the church
Make him proud of all you do
And do it with a smile
There’s nothing more important
Than for him to feel worthwhile
So clean that kitchen, make it shine
Keep the fridge well stocked with beer
And when he grabs your pussy
Drop to your knees, my dear
For we are just mere women
And need to know our worth
Our brains are so much smaller
But at least we can give birth
So love your man with all your might
Massage his weary feet
Don’t ever raise your voice at him
Be kind, be true, be sweet
For where would you be without his might
An outcast with no home
So thank the good Lord every day
For your man, your house, your home


7 thoughts on “We Are Just Mere Women

  1. Sassy Lassie – I think I’ve missed some of your posts – probably my email settings!! Hope you are well ….
    One would have expected this tide to have turned completely, but we all know that’s not the case. Let’s hope any close-at-hand retreat toward this attitude is but a temporary hiccup, and that good judgement, compassion, love and respect will be the overall direction of our progress toward a world where all are equal, with equal rights and expectations.

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    1. Hello my friend! I haven’t posted too much lately. I believe that sometimes, when we want change so much, we manifest the very thing that will bring it about, hence Donald Trump. Not that he is the bringer of the change I necessarily want to see, but look what’s happened since he’s been elected. Look how many have realized we need great change! Out of the darkness into light. Hope you are both well and many hugs to all of you there ❤


  2. I like to imagine men who devoutly believe such things arriving before The Throne and finding, not a fierce old man with a long beard, but someone more resembling Kali or some other warrior godless who says, “Not what you were expecting? Shall we have a conversation about the women in your life?” —-

    Nothing “mere” about you my friend.

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    1. Not what you were expecting? Hahaha. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said that exact thing to some men and several women in my life. I grew up in a terrible place as you know, but my grandmother was my saving grace and link to sanity. She was a proud, southern woman and while she did all the things I mentioned, she was also a fierce protector and incredibly smart. Much of the time she enjoyed what she did but as time went on and I grew older, I witnessed her fighting the stigma in her ‘Well bless your pea-pickin’ little heart’ way. There’s nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom, taking wonderful care of your partner and family, being proud of your home if that’s what you choose to do. I admire it, I did it for a long time. It truly was the hardest job I ever had. But listening to Trump and that disgusting Scott Baio and others who adopt the philosophy that a woman’s place is in the home, even if she’s miserable there, disgusts me. I wish you lived closer, Bob. I bet we’d have some great discussions 🙂

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      1. As for great discussions, we probably would. I agree that if someone chooses to be a stay-at-home parent they should be able to do so. In a time when so many families need two incomes to make ends meet, that choice is often not available, which makes all that talk of “barefoot-in-the-kitchen” thinking not only disgusting, but insultingly impossible. There is something bizarre about forcing people to pay for child care so that they can hold a job (that may barely pay enough to pay for the child care) when they would rather stay home and take care of their own children.


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