Welcome! Hou’s aw wi ye? (How are things with you?) Pull up a bar stool and let me pour us a shot so we can become properly acquainted.  Slàinte!  Mmmmm, that’s much better!


I am a very “Sassy” 60 year old lass, in love with the home of my ancestors, Scotland. Edinburgh to be exact. I have never physically been there but have lived there all my life. I know this when I hear the bagpipes and drums, I know this when I am brought to tears hearing Forever Scotland as the kilted Clans in all their glorious tartans pass by me and fill me with bittersweet joy.  I know this because the Highlands call to me, in my sleep, in my waking hours and deep down to my soul.


I am from Clan McLaurine (formal spelling) and am proud of my Scottish heritage. The Scot is strong with me, my friend! “Tá mo chroí istigh ionat, O Scotia” (My heart is with you, Scotland)  I know in my heart should my footfalls ever grace her soil, I may never return.  Scotland is where my true heart lies.

clanmclarenscot flag

I write about whatever moves me. I, like many people, know the heartache of living in the darkness but in that have learned to embrace the light. I have learned many life lessons so far on my journey and am still learning them. I try to find the lighter side of all things but sometimes write of the dark times, usually through the lens of humor.It is how I grow, how I cope and feel that sometimes you have to try to find the funny in things. Although my love for Scotland is quite obvious, I write about so many things, usually whatever seems to be pulling at my heartstrings at a particular moment in time.


I live life in gratitude and love, connect to the Divine through nature and animals and have a very strong bond to the natural world and all things in it. I often write poetry on this very subject.  I was raised Roman Catholic but have found my spirituality in the arms of Mother Nature.  She provides my alter, my church and mainly, my Communion with the Universe and all its miraculous beauty.


Ready for another shot? Me too! Thanks for stopping by! “Nice tae meit ye!” (Nice to meet you!) I’m always behind the bar ready to serve. I love to hear stories from others, feel free to leave lengthy comments when you are so inclined!

I’m always here and will have your drink ready and your favorite spot saved ❤

shots on bar

"O Scotia, my dear, my native soil!
For whom my warmest wish to heaven is sent!
Long may thy hardy sons of rustic toil
Be blest with health, and peace, and sweet content!"

Robert Burns

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