washington post

How To Talk To Your Child About Your Serious Illness

I Can’t Follow A Map Or Directions, And At 61 Still Get Lost And Frightened

When Does Racism Begin?



It’s Always Hard To Find A Good Roommate. At 61, It’s Particularly Tough

I Don’t Want Your Husband. I Just Want To Borrow Him

How Do You Find Love On A Fixed Income?


Feminism And The Conway Conundrum


The Two Greatest Gifts


Could I Love You


There Is No Right or Wrong – Just Find Where You Belong

The Other Side of the Giving Coin

If I Can’t “Fix” My Family, I Will Try To Understand Them

Sail On Silver Girl – Ode to the Fire Child Within

good men

Forgiveness: My Sons’ Painful Journey to Freedom

My Son Gave Me the Ultimate Gift

Why Isn’t A Mama’s Boy a Good Thing?

All Creatures Great and Small

first day

The Sunflowers Bow Their Heads

horse collab

When Heaven Is A Horse

And The Sunflowers Bow Their Heads

sweatpants and coffee

The Thing Soulmates Are Made Of



Seriously Mom, You Can Do Better Than That

My Closet Is Never Empty

Online Dating? Thanks, But No Thanks

Why Virtual Friends Can Be So Much Better Than The Real Thing


Flying The Coop

One Snowy Night In A Little Country Town

The Gift My Grandma Gave Me

huffpogreeenKeeping Your Pets Safe At Easter

Pet Safety For  Summer – Inside and Out

huff po divorce

Speak Kindly of Me

huff po parents

Submarine Parents

Don’t Buy Into the Mommy Wars

Remember Your Tender Heart

The Real Deal on Mother’s Day


For Those Who Do Believe

huff po good news

This Lassie’s Love

huff po comedy

Bladders and Bears and Butts, Oh My!

Female Genitalia Police

My No More Lists List

huff po women

Game of Thrones- (Cersei Lannister’s) Walk of Shame aka Slut-Shaming

scary mommy badge

8 Things I Would Never Subject My Vagina To

blunt moms

Two Lost Children

The Empty Seat at Your Holiday Table Is Me

Two Lost Children

Nomaste Motherfuc*er

Hey Autism Moms – Stop Judging Us For Looking At Your Child

Why I Don’t Care That My Stepdaughter Hates Me

The Performance


Mom! Can We Keep It?

Three Things You’ll Never Miss Once You Get Rid of Them

Close Your Eyes and Listen to Peter (Text and Audio)

Nature’s Song of Summers Past

Introduce Your Kids to Their Other Mother


The Unplugged Powers Of Imagination

Mom, What Religion Are We?

Letting Go Of The Hope My Adult Sons Will Ever Reconnect

Teaching Our Kids How To Lose: Lessons In Grace

Military School (Sort of) Helped My Troubled Teen

Why I Told My Son The Truth About My Drug Use

Teaching Our Children Grace In Loss


Midnite Blue – Part 1

Midnite Blue – Part 2


9 Reasons I Seriously Miss Having A Toddler!

three chickens and a boat

These Stories Are More Than Just Words

blog her

8 Reasons I Miss Having a Toddler (Seriously)


When Your Son Starts Acting Like Your Mom

the mighty

When My Son Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For Me

mom babble

My Son Gave Me The Ultimate Gift: Life

midlife blvd

My Closet Is Never Empty


Will My Children Ever Know The Girl I Once Was?

The Kindness Blog Shares Kindness


 Angel From Heaven

    The Cards

          Thank You For My Problems

beyond your blog

The Cards

Forgiveness: My Sons’ Painful Journey to Freedom

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