The Little Things – Guest bloggers – Day 2


This month, I am going to feature a new guest blogger each day. I’ll be sharing their personal stories of giving. Each has experienced great joy in giving just to give – expecting nothing in return. However, they did get something in return – a beautiful reflection of what they themselves gave. Come soak up some inspiration today with a beautiful story by Jennifer Pitt.

Today’s post comes from a close friend who is all about giving. I know from personal experience and can tell you this blog would not exist, literally, were it not for the time, experience and patience she gifted me in setting it up.

Jennifer Pitt is a wonderful person and writer. She blogs at Mommie’s Drink.

Her story shows us a different perspective on the act of giving from your true heart.

Sometimes, we give to others who will never know we gave to them, not in the traditional sense anyway.

Read her heartfelt story of giving here:

It IS a Beautiful Day





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